Scrapebox Autoapprove list

If You are familiar with scrapebox You will know what an autoapprove list is. When You use scrapebox to comment You need a list of blogs to comment on. These blogs may or may not approve Your comment. It's quite a task to find out which one is Auto Approve and which are not and this is especially true If You are new to this scene. Even very advanced scrapebox users who know everything buy lists to save and time. Remember time is money and time lost is irreversible.

So what exactly is in the list

  1. 110k Autoapprove urls from more than 5000 domains. Yes, You read that right, 110000 places You can comment on. Imagine getting 110000 links in no time.
  2. They will work with scrapebox fast poster.
  3. It's mix of wordpress and blogengine blog platforms.


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